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The Adventures of Koti And Haven  Dance of the Ice Phoenix
The Adventures of Koti And Haven  Dance of the Ice Phoenix

The Adventures of Koti And Haven Dance of the Ice Phoenix

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A Book That Shows Girls How To Be Leaders

On top of having a fun story to read, this story will also teach your daughter(s) how to work together and how to be leaders.

Through Koti and Haven’s experiences in the story, your daughter(s) will see how the twins:

- Overcome setbacks and challenges
- Learn how to work as a team
- Become leaders by accepting each other’s strengths

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It’s that time of the year again!

The upcoming 5 Realms Dance Competition is coming up.

All the most talented dancers in the kingdom are preparing for their chance at glory!

Koti and Haven are twin princesses from the Nimbus Kingdom.

They’re preparing for their dance routines, but there’s one little problem…

The rules this year have changed.

Instead of competing against one another, Koti and Haven must dance together!

Nothing seems to be working…

Koti and Haven aren’t in sync.

Koti’s wind routine is too strong for Haven.

Haven’s water routine is too wild for Koti.

The girls are on the brink of giving up.

The competition is around the corner…

If the girls want a chance at winning, they must learn to work together in perfect balance.

Stormie sees the girls struggling and comes to give the girls some much needed advice.

With the help of Stormie, the girls continue to practice.

But time is running out…

The decision...

The Molten Twins just put on an extravagant performance!

Koti and Haven don’t feel as great about their performance anymore.

But the final decision is in the judges’ hands.

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Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 in

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Language: English

Publisher: Grove Street Publishing