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Hadassah the Wolf: And The Shooting Star

Hadassah the Wolf: And The Shooting Star

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In this brand-new children's book, James, a logger for Chopwood Inc., is unaware of the harm he is causing to the homes and habitats of the forest animals.

He then encounters Hadassah, and discovers right away that he can comprehend her speech! James is told by Hadassah how her home and the homes of many animals are being destroyed by his company.

James decides he’s going to quit working for Chopwood Inc the next morning. However, that night, a rare shooting star event happens that intertwines James’s and Hadassah’s destinies.

They swapped bodies!

Now James gets a firsthand perspective of what it’s like to be a wolf, and Hadassah gets to see what it’s like to be human. And if things couldn’t get any worse, James gets captured by his own company!

Now it’s up to Hadassah to save James while she’s in his human body.


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Product Description

Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 in

Page length: TBD

Language: English

Publisher: Grove Street Publishing